To imagine the future

one must contemplate the past

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Great performances reflect the passion of the musician. A great instrument allows the personality of the performer to shine through. With continued evolution of technique and repertoire, percussionists seek a marimba that mirrors the times, offering ultimate playability and artistic expression. Years of thoughtful research and testing in tandem with input from top artists such as She-e Wu have produced the ultimate modern marimba: the Reflection series, by Majestic.

When I asked the team at Majestic if they were willing to do whatever it takes to make a great instrument, no one hesitated. They have been absolutely committed to bringing this vision to life. - She-e Wu, International Soloist Watch more


Casey Cangelosi plays Majestic marimba
Thomas Burritt plays Majestic marimba

Casey Cangelosi

International Soloist, Educator, and Acclaimed Composer

Never have I been so excited for a new instrument as this. Friends, you need to check this out. You will be amazed!

Thomas Burritt

International Soloist and Educator

The Reflection Series Marimba embodies Majestic’s obsession with inspiring today’s percussionists. It demystifies the tunable resonator and facilitates easy navigation through doorways while setting new standards for tonal clarity and balance. Today’s marimba has arrived.
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Integrated Bar Geometry with Free-Floating Bar Post

  • Moderate bar widths provide comfortable interval spacing that results in tonal balance and sensitivity.
  • Free-floating bar posts with resonance isolation enhance sustain, eliminate frame noise and provide tonal clarity.
  • With a more flexible core, the bar posts absorb shock to improve feel and enhance rebound.


Innovative Resonator Design

  • Syringe-inspired tuning system ensures air-tight seal and allows for quick, easy adjustment to environment.
  • Three octave tunability (C2-C5) provides tonal optimization over a wide range.
  • Modern aesthetic the dynamics of contemporary repertoire.
How to Set Up


Central Truss System with Modular Frame Design

  • Central truss supports individual resonator sections and bar racks, revolutionizing instrument set-up.
  • Facilitates easy passage through 30” doorways.
  • Lightweight aluminum design reduces instrument weight for ease of transport.
How to Set Up


“Uni-Lift” Single Side Height Adjustment

  • Optimized gear ratio enables smooth adjustment to conserve player energy.
  • Transmission shaft enables full instrument height to be adjusted by one person with a single lever.
  • Automatic folding function protects the handle.

To imagine the future, one must contemplate the past...

Years of thoughtful research and input from top artists have led to this moment: the beginning of a new era in mallet percussion innovation. The evolution of performance and repertoire demands instruments that mirror the times and allow the personality of the musician to shine through. It begins here, with the Majestic Reflection Series Marimba.